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Twitter #Music Launches Today – Service Available on the Web and iOS App

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Twitter’s music service is finally here.

After being tested on celebrities such as American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, Motley Crue bass player Nikki Sixx and recording artist Jason Mraz for a week, Twitter #music is now available for general consumption.

The music discovery app uses Twitter activity, including tweets and engagement, to uncover popular songs and emerging artists. It will also highlight artists’ music-related Twitter activity. Users can now go to the profiles of their favorite recording artists to see which artists they follow and listen to tracks by those singers. Users will also be able to tweet songs right from the app.

According to a Twitter blog post, the songs on Twitter #music are provided by three sources: iTunes, Spotify or Rdio.

iTunes image

iTunes image

iTunes is the default setting, but subscribers to Rdio and Spotify can log in to their accounts to listen to the full tracks that are available in each respective directory. Twitter said it will continue to explore and add other music service providers to the mix as well.

“Twitter and music go great together,” reads a Twitter blog post. “People share and discover new songs and albums every day. Many of the most-followed accounts on Twitter are musicians, and half of all users follow at least one musician. This is why artists turn to Twitter first to connect with their fans — and why we wanted to find a way to surface songs people are tweeting about.”

Users can listen to the songs that have been tweeted by the artists and people they follow on Twitter at #NowPlaying.

To learn more about a band, users can tap the band’s avatar to see its top song. Users can then follow the band directly from the chart, or by tapping the band’s Twitter username to go to its profile.

If a user has discovered new songs she would like to share on Twitter, she can simply tap the spinning disc in the lower left corner. This opens the player, allowing the user to tweet from there using the tweet icon in the top right corner.

So far, #music is available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand, although Twitter plans to bring the service to more countries in time. Twitter also has plans to bring the service to Android.

Click here to download Twitter #music from the App Store. The Web version is available at

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Twitter #Music Launches Today

Yahoo E-Mail, Weather Apps Combine Beauty With Ease – Mail App Designed for Tablets, Weather App for iDevices

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Yahoo has unveiled new e-mail and weather apps today as the company continues its campaign to make its services current and appealing to users.

The new apps — Yahoo Mail for iPad and Android tablets and a new weather app for iPhones — live up to CEO Marissa Mayer’s promise of “beautiful products” being released in the near future.

Mayer, who made the promise during a call with investors April 16, has focused on acquiring top talent over the past six months and using that talent to rejuvenate Yahoo’s offerings.

Yahoo Mail appThe e-mail app is a full-screen experience that enables users to flip through their messages as they would thumb through the pages of a magazine or book without having to worry about folders, buttons or tabs.

“We’ve designed Yahoo Mail to take full advantage of the tablet making reading your e-mail faster, easier and just a little bit more fun,” said Lee Parry, Yahoo’s senior director of mobile and emerging products, in a post on Yahoo’s blog. 

“We’re also helping you clean up your inbox, so you can get to the e-mail that matters most. With our new Mail apps, you can quickly select your messages, automatically group by sender, and with a swipe — delete, star, or move them all. We figured you probably didn’t need those expired coupons anyway.”

The inbox appears in a column down the left-hand side of the tablet screen. E-mails that users check from their inbox then appear in a dock on the right-hand side allowing users to easily delete or archive messages all in one go. Relevant e-mails can be pulled into the dock and deleted from the inbox.

The app can be downloaded for free on iTunes or on Google Play.

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo’s weather app for iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch is truly a visual experience thanks to its marriage to Flickr.

“We’ve brought together beautiful images from our Flickr community to show you current local conditions, with all the details you want to know about the forecast,” said Marco Wirasinghe, Yahoo’s director of mobile and emerging products in a blog post.

Yahoo Weather app“Instead of reading the weather, you can see the weather.”

This app is like flipping through a stack of postcards, allowing users to check the forecast while viewing photos that reflect the current weather in places that matter to the user.

By simply tapping the temperature, users receive a quick view of the forecast and can also scroll down to view precipitation, wind and pressure and the radar map.

“Our goal is to have amazing photos for every weather condition that cover the globe — morning, afternoon, and night — across every city in the world, and we want your help,” Wirasinghe said. “Whether you’re simply a daydreamer or an avid photographer, submit photos of your favorite places to our Flickr Group and your image can be seen by tens of millions in Yahoo Weather for iPhone.”

Additional details on submitting photos can be found here.

Yahoo Weather for iPhone, iPod, and iPod Touch is launching globally in 30 languages. It is available for free on the App Store.


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Yahoo E-Mail, Weather Apps Combine Beauty With Ease

LinkedIn Mobile Gets Makeover – Updates for iOS, Android Provide Customizable Experience for Users

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Business network LinkedIn is doing all it can to make mobile access to its site quick and easy with its latest updates for iOS and Android.

The revamped apps are fully native with features that range from useful to cosmetic. The new versions boast a colorful design that is both pleasing to the eye and easy to read and, with its revised navigation and personalized features, it is obvious LinkedIn is trying to make its site a several-times-daily destination for its users.

“We’re excited to unveil a brand new mobile phone experience, completely revamped with the general professional and everyday use case in mind,” said Tomer Cohen, LinkedIn’s senior product manager and mobile phone lead in a blog post.

“We want to make it easier for our members to quickly discover and engage with the rich professional insights being shared across LinkedIn to help them make smarter decisions from wherever they may be working. We’ve designed the new LinkedIn mobile phone app for every professional, with a richer and more engaging stream and more personalization features.”

LinkedIn 3

LinkedIn image

LinkedIn 2

LinkedIn image

Aside from the new design meant to “create more delightful interactions throughout the app,” LinkedIn has also made it easier for its users to find what they are looking for with a navigation menu that can be customized to suit individual preferences. By sliding the main homepage screen to the right, users can view and customize their navigation page by choosing from the preloaded features they like best.

LinkedIn has also put a new focus on the apps’ stream, which consists of a multitude of ‘cards.’

The cards that come up in a user’s stream will be based upon his or her browsing behavior. For someone who is using the site to look for new employment opportunities, for instance, the stream will recommend jobs.

“We’re surfacing up the most relevant and timely professional insights in your stream so you can quickly discover and engage with all of the great professional conversations taking place across LinkedIn,” Cohen said. “This means an engaging, vibrant and visual stream with tailored updates, news, original posts from Influencers and much more.”

The stream also includes status and connection updates, news, posts from influencers and group posts.

Now that 64 percent of LinkedIn members are located outside of the U.S., LinkedIn has expanded its language offerings. It has added Dutch and Norwegian for iPhone, and Turkish, Dutch and Norwegian for Android, bringing the total count to 15 available languages for both apps, including English, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Turkish, Dutch, Norwegian, Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia.

Cohen said there is a lot “more in store for mobile this year, including more search and personalization updates.”

Click on the links provided here to download the new mobile app for iPhone or Android.


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LinkedIn Mobile Gets Makeover