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Using KEI to Make Keyword Choices

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Wouldn’t it be great to get your hands on a perfect tool to help you achieve a higher placement in search engine results pages (SERPs)?

Consider implementing keyword effectiveness index (KEI) in your marketing strategy. SEO industry experts now consider KEI to be a key factor in offering an unprecedented boost to your web presence. Companies all over the globe are focusing more on long tailed keywords or key phrases as well as search terms, which have superior KEI value rating.

Corporations are also showing interest in taking advantage of the basic calculation capacities of KEI to measure Google page rank, PI Rank, Alexa rank etc. Let’s explore the essence of KEI and its significance in making keyword choices.

What is KEI? 

KEI, a mathematical formula developed by famed search engine positioning expert Sumantra Roy, is deemed the most effective tool for an SEO professional or a webmaster. KEI assumes a crucial role in marketing by showcasing the maximum number of searches for a particular keyword and identifying the keywords that will be most effective in your campaign. KEI compares the popular keywords or key phrases with competitive search results. Keywords with higher KEI value have less chance of emulation and can give you a top position in the SERPs.

KEI is associated with the use of scientific numbers as well as keyword counts. It determines the value of a particular keyword by correlating several factors, one of which is popularity.

Why it is important to your website 

If you want to ensure your site receives superior visibility on the Web, then you have to use the proper keywords. There are few other tools that can obtain better keywords for your search engine optimization than KEI.

Because KEI helps you to find the best keywords for your website, it can be safely wagered that efficient handling of KEI is a big step in optimizing your site.

How does KEI help in making keyword choices?

KEI gauges both search volumes and competition levels. Most keyword researchers look at monthly search volumes while trying to calculate KEI factors. With the help of KEI, efficient SEO professionals target as well as review keywords and key phrases that can bring in a higher volume of traffic to a blog or a website.

KEI follows the fundamental rules of supply and demand. KEI ratio gives importance to keywords that are popular but not widely used by your competitors. To take complete advantage of KEI, you need to have a very good understanding of the popular keywords as well as the exact phrase matches that relate to your site.

KEI — A formula that works 

Before launching a viral or web-based marketing campaign, digital marketers and SEO professionals often focus on measuring competitiveness with the help of KEI.

Efficient SEO users and webmasters mainly focus on a specific formula when it comes to figuring out the differences or the ratio that exists between popularity as well as competitiveness. While calculating, they also keep a sharp eye out for searched both with quotes and without.

KEI, ultimately, is discovered by determining the number of results pages and then dividing that by the number of searches.

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Using KEI to Make Keyword Choices

Making This PPC Copywriting Mistake Could Be Costing You Sales

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It’s a common mistake that almost every pay-per-click (PPC) advertiser makes. Assuming that one click-through is as good as the next could be costing you sales while also hiking up your advertising budget. Never really given the matter much thought? You should, for one paramount reason: quality click-throughs convert better than generic click-throughs.

Relevancy is king in PPC. The more general the key phrases, the higher your tendency to attract tire kickers. One reason for this may be because people typically begin their online searches using general terms that grow more specific as they determine precisely what they want. This follows the logical progression of an average buying process.

When people start a search for a product or service, they have already recognized a need and have entered the information-gathering stage of the buying process. They are attempting to survey the marketplace to see precisely what they want. As they progress, they clearly define what they’ve decided to purchase. Lastly, they shop for the best price, most convenient location or other determining factors for making their buying decision.

Although variations occur throughout the process, most searches and purchases follow this basic format. In PPC copywriting, there are two traits you can include that will help you attract those who are ready and most qualified to buy.

Relevant Keywords Deliver More Qualified Clicks

Countless advertisers have shown that the more specific the keywords and landing page, the higher the tendency of the site visitor to convert. This is not a principle that’s exclusive to PPC. Long-tail keywords (those which are highly descriptive such as white, long-sleeved men’s dress shirt) in organic search results convert better when they direct surfers to a particular page about those types of shirts. Conversely, generic keywords such as (men’s shirts) that point to a home page have extremely low conversion rates. The same holds true in PPC.

It’s easy to see the difference between the following key phrases:

boy’s jackets boy’s Levi’s denim jackets
stepladder heavy duty aluminum stepladder
attorney elder care attorney in Manhattan, NY

What does keyword research have to do with PPC copywriting? Everything! Obviously, the keywords will determine the general subject matter of the ads. Also, from as far back as the days of, it’s been noted that PPC ads that contain keywords in the headlines receive higher click-through rates than those that don’t. When you write your ads, make every effort to use keywords in the headline copy.

If your goal is to get the highest click-through rate (CTR) possible, general key phrases are more likely to deliver. However, if you hope to receive more qualified clicks that have a greater tendency to convert to sales, choose more specific search terms to target.

Negative Copy Boosts Qualified Click-throughs

Sounds odd, doesn’t it? “Negative” copy? Who would want to use that? This form of PPC copywriting is sometimes called “filtered” copy because it can filter out unqualified or lesser-qualified searchers by eliciting a negative reaction.

The idea is to offer details in your copy that would cause someone to potentially think, ‘no, if _____ is the case, I don’t want this.’ You save money because you’ve prequalified the prospect before they clicked your paid ad.

Elements that make good filters/negative language include:

• Locations

• Dates

• Prices

• Colors

• Sizes

You can also combine several elements of negative language in a single ad. For instance, if writing copy to sell a cruise vacation, consider one of these alternatives. Here’s a typical example of an ad written to bring in the most clicks:

Exciting Mexico Cruises
Cruise Mexico this winter. Three popular cities in one special tour. 

There’s nothing wrong with that ad. It would certainly be worth testing. In fact, chances are it would receive a high number of click-throughs. But, would it prequalify visitors to your site? No.

Because of the vague language of the ad, searchers would have to click to your landing page to get details. Once there, they might discover that the cruise:

• Is 14 days long.

• Departs only from New York City.

• Returns the day after Christmas.

• Visits cities they’ve already been to.

• Costs too much.

In any of those cases, you’ve paid for someone to click your ad that stood no chance of actually booking a cruise. A true waste of money. What’s a better choice?

14-Day Mexico Cruise 12/5
Tour tropical Cozumel, Puerto
Vallarta & more. Depart NYC $2,500pp

Before the prospect ever gets to your landing page, they must already:

• Be available on the specified dates.

• Want to go to the cities listed.

• Be able to depart from New York.

• Be able/willing to spend $2,500 per person

Now that’s a qualified site visitor!

How Will This Affect Quality Score?

‘But wait a minute,’ you might be thinking. ‘Isn’t reducing the number of click-throughs to my site going to also reduce my Quality Score in Google?’ No necessarily.

In their AdWords Blog, Google states, “Our system evaluates an ad’s quality each time it matches a search query. This way, AdWords will use the most accurate, specific, and up-to-date performance information when determining whether an ad should be displayed. Your ads will be more likely to show when they’re relevant and less likely to show when they’re not. This means that Google users are apt to see better ads while you, as an advertiser, should receive leads which are more highly qualified.”

In the blink of an eye, Google will assess all the factors associated with its Quality Score in comparison to each and every search query. Google will evaluate your:

• Keyword relevance.

• Landing page relevance.

• Landing page load time.

• Ad text relevance.

• Click-through rate.

As you can see, click-through rate is still an issue. The fact that Google indicates that leads should be more highly qualified as a result of the Quality Score calculation is an indication that relevancy will be rewarded. But, even if your Quality Score should fall slightly, would that be so bad? You’d need to test that and see for yourself.

AdWords isn’t the only PPC platform you can use. Facebook is becoming more popular by the day. Regardless of which you choose, in many instances, it’s less expensive and more profitable to pay more per click for highly targeted leads that convert quickly than to pay less per click for generic leads that may never convert. Obviously, it will greatly depend on the cost of ads in your particular PPC campaigns.

Elevated CTRs are certainly a good indicator that your ads are pulling in arbitrary clicks. Is that really the end result you’re hoping for? Remember, not all clicks improve your bottom line. The next time you evaluate your PPC copy, don’t get too elated just because you see a high percentage in your CTR column. After all, while click-throughs are exciting, qualified click-throughs are profitable!

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Making This PPC Copywriting Mistake Could Be Costing You Sales

How to Create a Successful Facebook Business With These Essential Tools

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Facebook offers a multitude of tools that will help your business excel such as Social Ads, Pages, Beacon, Insights, Platform, and Polls. These tools are there to help you in building your brand on your Facebook Page while attracting visitors and future clients.

It’s wise to start by learning all about these tools. This will save you a lot of time in the long run. In the following section you’ll learn how this all ties together which will show you how essential these tools are in running a successful Facebook business. You can learn all about these tools by going to the business section at

Social Ads

What makes social ads so powerful and unique, is their direct interaction with the news feeds of your friends and fans. This gives you an advantage because anyone who has added you as a friend will see information about your business directly on their profile.

This is also an advantage because you can directly control who sees your ads, which helps you to target your traffic without much effort. As with any kind of marketing, targeting your traffic has proven time after time to raise your conversions.

Facebook Pages

If you have a business, you definitely should create a Facebook page. Make sure that you create a page and not a profile. They are not the same thing. The Facebook page you create will be your businesses’ profile page. Additionally it helps your brand image. You know when someone on Facebook interacts with your site, that you’ve gained a potential customer.

People treat your page the same as they would any of their friends. They search and read things that they’re interested in. What’s great about Facebook is that anyone can post on your wall and share their opinion. Your Facebook page is a playground for your creative genius to come to life and shine. The more apps, quizzes, surveys, contests, or starting of groups you do, the more people will want to interact on your page. You should base your activities around your niche and the image you are trying to build for your company.

Facebook Beacon

There is another service called the Facebook Beacon that will help you promote your business to your friends and fans. Beacon allows Facebook to post your business news directly on your friends feeds so the interaction is steady and consistent.

You can also choose if you want your friends to get a message every time someone purchases one of your products. When people see that someone else purchased something, more times than not they will check out the product that someone else ordered. If you are on Facebook, you know how your page tells you every time one of your friends makes an update or posts pictures on their wall. Well this is kind of the same thing. It’s not intrusive and you don’t feel offended by it, you just know that this is the way Facebook works, therefore it is an excellent tactic to receive more sales. For this to work you will need to paste some code to your website.

Your company, service, or product will increase by word of mouth because when people share your page it encourages others to interact on your site.. If you are nervous that this will affect the user’s privacy or your business privacy don’t be because people always have the choice to deny updates. There are other options to protect your privacy as well as their’s.

Facebook Insights

Just like when you are marketing online and want to check the statistics about people interacting on your site and clicking your ads; Facebook Insights can do this for you when you are marketing on Facebook. Facebook Insights is the perfect tool to measure which campaigns are successful and which are not.

This is also an excellent tool to see if your products or services are spreading virally or not. Facebook Insights is such an impactful tool, due to the word of mouth aspect. Insights additionally helps you gauge just how successful your attempts truly are. Facebook insights not only gauges how successful you are, but also gives you the data about demographics to help you target your traffic for the right audience.

Facebook Platform

The Facebook platform allows programmers to create apps that will work well with their site and enhance the customer’s experience. Creating a fun app is a great way to get people to interact with your page. With Facebook your goal is to create things that your friends want to share with others so your user base can multiply as it goes viral.

Quizzes, surveys, games, and interactive tools are a great way of engaging your fans. You can find some great ideas on the applications page of Facebook, to see which kind of apps will work for your business. Whatever you design needs to help build your brand on the site. Everything you build on your site should be based around building your brand image.

Facebook Polls

Another valuable tool that will assist you in determining other factors of your website is Facebook Polls. You can give a poll to a particular demographic to see if it is wise to launch a product to that demographic before you make the launch. This saves you from time, effort, and disappointment. Facebook Polls is very powerful and will work well because you already have the age, sex, and marital status of your users. This information is an excellent tool to help you focus your efforts on only those who are relevant.

Taking advantage of these free Facebook tools will be a huge benefit to you and will help you build a very successful Facebook business!

Heather Koenig is a blogger and a Social Media Wealth enthusiast. Click on the following link to learn more about creating a Successful Facebook Business. She is also a certified life coach, a law of attraction practitioner and loves to help people create there own Social Media Wealth. To learn more about creating your own Social Media Wealth you can go to

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How to Create a Successful Facebook Business With These Essential Tools