Finding Your Mobile Message

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Like most aspects of running a business in the modern digital age, mobile marketing is all about the relationship between your business, brand or service and your customer. Just because that relationship has shifted away from traditional forms of presentation doesn’t make it any less valuable or relevant. Mobile marketing is a great opportunity to effectively reach your target audience if used properly. Marketers can always choose to ignore the mobile platform, but they do so at their own peril.

The mobile relationship

Building and maintaining a relationship with the customer is one of the most integral components of a successful mobile marketing platform. Many customers seem to have a personal connection with their Smartphones and tablets, often accessing them to browse the Internet, read e-mail or check in to a location. Your marketing platform needs to take that viewpoint into consideration and be well-designed and easy to navigate, regardless of the mobile device a customer happens to be viewing it on. By engaging the customer and building a dialogue, you have an almost unprecedented opportunity to create and maintain brand loyalty. You can only do this, however, if you’ve carefully cultivated and respected the aforementioned relationship.

A better reach

Google recently released a study that reported 90 percent of consumers typically transition between two or more device screens within a single day — such as moving from a desktop to a laptop computer or a laptop to a tablet. Throw Smartphones into the mix and you open the door to marketing to consumers wherever they are, whether checking their phones at a stoplight or browsing the Internet while riding the subway. Mobile marketing allows you to maintain a relationship with the customer as they move from screen to screen throughout the day. An engaging mobile marketing campaign offers great potential to connect with consumers while they’re on the go.

The mobile platform is growing at a seemingly exponential rate. In the last five years alone, the number of people accessing the Internet from a mobile environment has greatly surpassed those who view the same information from desktop and laptop computers. Your mobile marketing campaign can put your company, brand or service in front of mobile users more than ever before.

Consequences and lessons

Certain companies have learned the hard way that it isn’t wise to take that mobile marketing relationship for granted. Papa John’s has been the subject of a $250-million dollar lawsuit based on the fact they were spamming their customers with annoying, unwanted and illegal text messages. To be successful on the mobile frontier, treat customers with the respect they want and deserve. Allow that customer base to establish a relationship, but give them the opportunity to put a stop to it as well. Collect data during the authentication process, but always allow customers to opt-out if they so choose.

By learning from the mistakes of other companies, as well as the mistakes you will invariably make along the way, you can create a compelling mobile message and support it with a rock-solid marketing platform. Mobile puts your brand in front of a wealth of customers who may have otherwise been inaccessible even in the recent past.

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Finding Your Mobile Message

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