How to Use the iPhone 6’s Extra Screen Real Estate

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In September, Apple’s newest iteration of iPhone, the iPhone 6, made its way into consumers’ hands. The phone  comes pre-loaded with a new operating system, iOS 8, and updates to all the iPhone features users have come to love.

There was something different about iPhone 6, however, in comparison to earlier versions. iPhone 6 was noticeably bigger than an its predecessor. iPhone 5s had a diagonal of four inches with 6.7-square-inch display compared to iPhone 6’s 4.7-inch diagonal and 9.7-square-inch display. The increase in size has changed the iPhone’s user experience as Apple looks to directly compete with Android, essentially nullifying one-hand usage of the device. The iPhone 6 is both phone and tablet, but with its size may be more of the latter.

Weary iPhone enthusiasts may miss the smart device’s smaller size and high one-hand utility, but there are ways to adapt to iPhone 6’s large display. Here are a few ways you can optimize your use of the iPhone 6’s larger display:

  • Reachability
    Reachability is a new system preference option included in iOS8 for iPhone 6, and it is comparable to similar functions for Android. Reachability is a default feature for iPhone 6 that pushes the screen display further down, allowing the user to easily reach all iPhone 6’s real estate while using one hand. Users can perform this action by double tapping the Home button, Reachability options can be accessed by going to Settings and then accessing General. Once users have reached this point, they can toggle Reachability as an option, though, it is hard to imagine why one would want to disable such a great feature.
  • Make Icons, Text and Graphics Larger
    iPhone 6’s large screen gives users more content than ever before, but this content deluge may not align with all user preferences. The new iPhone’s Retina HD display matched with  iPhone 6’s larger screen greatly increases the amount of space for app icons, but users who wish to make their navigable can do so by increasing the size of their icons, text and graphics. To do this, users must launch their Settings and select Display & Brightness. Next, users must tap view and select the Zoom option. Users can toggle between the Standard and Zoom view to examine the difference before selecting Set to apply the changes.
  • Download Apps Optimized for Larger Display
    App developers have also taken notice of iPhone 6’s new display size and already delivered optimized apps to the marketplace that engulf users in a mobile, high definition experience. Users can maximize their use of iPhone 6’s larger display size by using apps developed for HD display, stretching from one corner of the screen to another. CNN’s app for iPhone 6 incorporates a theatrical experience that gives the user a breathtaking shot of multimedia with video, scrolling text and banners. The new Sky Guide app captures the evening sky and gives the user a detailed look at the constellations, putting the next frontier in your palm.


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How to Use the iPhone 6’s Extra Screen Real Estate


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