McAfee Back With Vulgar Video Poking Fun at the Anti-Virus Software He Founded

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He’s back.

Eccentric 67-year-old millionaire John McAfee is in the spotlight again after his well-publicized month on the run in Belize last December with his 20-year-old girlfriend in an attempt to avoid questioning in connection with the murder of his neighbor.

McAfee, who was arrested in Guatemala after illegally entering the country was eventually deported back to the U.S. He has claimed his life would be in danger if he were to be returned to Belize because he is in possession of sensitive information about official corruption and refuses to give money to local politicians.

McAfee, who was dubbed “crazy” and a “mad man” has since released a foul-mouthed but humorous rant on YouTube about the anti-virus software — McAfee — that he founded in 1987 and resigned from just seven years later.

Dubbed ‘How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus,’ the video features McAfee attired in a red silk smoking jacket and ascot seated in an elegant library-like room pounding on his laptop as chamber music plays in the background.

“F-ck,” McAfee says to open the video, while punching at keys on his laptop. “Send. Send.”

McAfee than makes a noise of apparent disgust and tosses the device over his shoulder before addressing his viewers.

“Although I’ve had nothing to do with this company for over 15 years, I still get volumes of mail asking, ‘How do I uninstall this software?’ I have no idea,” says McAfee before using a blazing dollar bill to light a cigarette.

“As I’ve said, I have had nothing to do with McAfee software for over 15 years. I’ve had more pressing things to do,” he says before a busty woman in a sheer blouse leans into the frame to kiss him, leaving a red lipstick outline on his cheek.

McAfee then proceeds to read some profanity-laced letters from people complaining about McAfee anti-virus slowing down their computers to update at inconvenient times.

McAfee, while being disrobed by a group of scantily clad women, then asks his “friend Bartholomew” to walk viewers through the steps of uninstalling the software.

McAfee then appears next to Bartholomew in a factory like setting wearing a suit jack, dress shirt and tie with a pair of striped boxer shorts.

While Bartholomew launches into a long-winded, technical explanation of uninstalling the software, McAfee returns to the library where he receives a lap dance and is disrobed further by the giggling women before proceeding to sniff bath salts.

Next, a bare-chested McAfee, shown in a shoulder holster, bath salts coating his goatee and a gun collection spread out before him goes on a rant about McAfee software.

“Something went wrong. Fifteen years ago, I had some beautiful software and they took it over. I don’t know what they did,” he said of the company, which is now owned by Intel.

He then pulls his gun from his shoulder holster and, wearing only his boxers, walks over to his laptop and shoots it.

He then dons a fedora and a pair of sunglasses and walks out, his arm around a gun-toting woman.

The video, while unexpected, is hardly a surprise. McAfee seems to thrive on bizarre drama.

After being deported back to the U.S. last December, McAfee admitted to playing the “crazy card” during his time on the run.

“What’s a better story, millionaire mad man on the run? You [the media] saved my ass. Because you paid attention to the story. As long as you are reporting, it is hard to whack somebody that the world is watching,” he told ABC News, referring to his theory that the Belize government was out to persecute and kill him.

In May, McAfee’s Belize compound was burned to the ground, and he contends on his blog the fire was no accident, accusing Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow in a vague way of seeking revenge on him.

Belize police refuted McAfee’s claims and Barrow publicly expressed doubts about McAfee’s mental state, calling him “bonkers.”

The Belize authorities have said they do not plan to have McAfee extradited back to their country for questioning in connection with the killing of McAfee’s neighbor Gregory Faull, who was found shot to death Nov. 10.

During the time McAfee lived in Belize, he reportedly was involved in various quarrels with neighbors and the police regarding complaints his dogs were aggressive and he kept illegal weapons and drug paraphernalia in his home. McAfee admitted his dogs were troublesome and that Faull had complained about them, but has said he did not shoot Faull who lived a few houses down from him.

McAfee’s month on the run with his 20-year-old girlfriend Sam garnered global attention due to his contact with reporters and frequent blog posts detailing his escapades, which included donning disguises and hiding out in dingy motel rooms and even the jungle.

After being arrested in Guatemala, McAfee supposedly had a minor heart attack in his jail cell. He was rushed to hospital by ambulance.

He later admitted, however, his illness was merely a ploy to buy time until a judge could hear his case and stay his deportation back to Belize.

McAfee is currently living in Portland, Oregon where he is working on a graphic novel.


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McAfee Back With Vulgar Video Poking Fun at the Anti-Virus Software He Founded

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