Popular Magento Design Trends for your eCommerce Website

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As you may know, Magento is currently the favorite of a huge number of online store owners across the world. Released less than a decade ago, the eCommerce platform has made an incredible mark in the industry. If you also have a website powered by Magento, it is vital to keep the design appealing for the visitors to stay competitive in anever-growing market.

Let’s take a glance at some of the popular Magento design trends for your eCommerce website:

1. Flat UI

In such a flat user interface design, there are two layers. One at the top with contextual elements and a bottom one with a solid background color. The best thing about this widely accepted trend is, it is simple and can undergo a transition quite easily. This type of design is easy simple to use.

2. Card layout

If you have a lot of content displayed on your website, the card layout works wonderfully. Moreover, the layout is a responsive one. For example it will be displayed perfectly regardless of the kind of device used: Tablet, Smartphone, laptop, desktop, etc. The popular social networking site, Pinterest, is the pioneer of this growing trend. By this layout, you can deliver a lot of information to the user without making your website appear cluttered.

3. Ghost buttons

These transparent buttons offer a minimalist approach, but with close attention paid to all elements of visual design. Here, the buttons have a thin outline and fonts are of sans serif in a light color. If a website has a high-resolution image in its background, these ghost buttons build the right contrast. There is no need to draw the attention away from the stunning image or images for navigation purposes.

4. Minimalism

Sometimes, less is more and the new trend of minimalism has caught the attention of many Web designers. In this design trend, a limited palette is used and the design is made clutter-free. One can use a monochromatic color palette too as per individual choice. This trend offers a clean look that reduces the weight of a page to a significant extent and that, as a result, reduces loading time. The use of white space or negative space is maximized in such a design. Usage of large high-resolution images in the background or videos are also common in minimalism. You can also find global hidden navigation or a grid layout in such design.

5. Typography

Typography makes a website appear more beautiful and is a popular Magento design worldwide. Large fonts are often used to capture the attention of viewers and, combined with comparable images, this gives out a very assertive message. Small typography usage is also very much in trend, but this is almost always done in black. Use of excess white space or negative space is common in such a case.  Designers no longer want the available fonts at hand — instead, they prefer to use fonts creatively to make offer the website a distinctive look.

6. Video takeover

The homepage of a Magento website used to be dominated by a high-resolution background image. However, the newest trend is to include videos instead of a single large image or multiple images to create the right impact. You can spot plenty of eCommerce stores with full-screen videos in the background. This sets makes the visitor feel engaged in a creative way. Your e-store becomes much more interactive and offers a fun-filled experience to your user.

Magento design trends are like fashion trends that come and go at their own pace. One can never know what is in store for the coming days. However, with the availability of multiple choices to access a website, responsiveness is sure to remain a major focus for Magento Web designers.


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