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How to Be a Social Media Rock Star

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Are you looking for a cost-effective way to grow your business? Do you want to break the demoralizing cycle of cold-call, sales pitch and call-back, while attracting the attention, respect and recognition of prospects and clients the world over? The good news is that accomplishing this task is easier than you might think. What I’m talking about is using social networking for business. When it comes to social networking, there are two schools of thought:

1. Registering with a social network.
2. Using a social network.

For the most part, many small business owners fall into the first category. This means that while they are enrolled in such networks as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others, they rarely feed the nets and/or they have few followers. Unless you are willing to post to your networks on a daily basis, you will attain little or no advantage for your business. Add to this, the fact that if the amount of followers in your account is in the tens or even hundreds, then you are short-sheeting yourself when it comes to being able to tap into the power of social networking.

As a rule, when you create a post, only 10 percent of your followers are likely to read it and only 10 percent of those who read it are likely to act on it. This means, in order to get into the game, you need to create a base of followers in the thousands. The ways you do this are by providing compelling content and by actively pushing the envelop to build a following.

If you search the Internet, you will quickly find that those firms who have established their brand online as a hot commodity have gone out of their way to provide their ever-growing audience with content that is much more than mere press releases. Some of the most popular this year included a YouTube campaign for Carlsberg Beer that featured a movie theater full of burly bikers, a visually stunning Pinterest campaign by and a Twitter blitz for the motion picture Bully. While the use of text or visually-based networks was different in all three of the above-mentioned cases, what was similar was the way these companies used social networking to create a buzz.

The first three things any aspiring rock star has to do is practice, practice, practice.

What Social Networking is Not

When you consider that most social networks are less than five years old, there has been a certain learning curve needed to successfully employ this medium for promotional purposes.

Some online marketers assume the correct way to feed the social nets is to send out ad copy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While social media is possibly the world’s most powerful form of word-of-mouth marketing, the last thing your online followers want to receive is ad copy. Face it, Americans are bombarded practically 24/7 with advertisements. From the moment they wake to the moment their heads hits their pillows at night, they have ads coming at them from every direction. As a result, people start to tune out ads. So this is not the best way to engage and grow a following online.

What Social Networking Can Be

Social networking can be one of the best means of convincing the masses to do business with you. For the most part, these tools are also some of the most cost-effective advertising vehicles known to modern man, since they cost little or even nothing to use. But the secret to employing this technology successfully is to entice your audience with useful, timesaving, or entertaining information that relates to your business.

Rather than hammering away at your prospects with a full frontal sales assault as you would with traditional advertising, by embracing social networking, you need to go the extra yard if you want to be a star. Think of doing such things as embedding or linking podcasts and videos to your posts. This will not only enhance your drawing power, but it will also up the SEO ante of your posts. What better way to attract an audience other than to get onto Page 1 of the world’s most popular search engine.

If you want to be a social media rock star, you need to stop thinking about your networks as a chore and start thinking about the ways of compelling your audience to actively seek out and repost your content. Do this and it will soon be your competition that is relegated to singing the blues.

Carl Weiss is president of W Squared Media Group a prominent online marketing agency based in Jacksonville, Florida. He also owns and operates Jacksonville Video and is co-host of Blog Talk Radio’s Working the Web to Win, which airs every Tuesday at 4 p.m EST.

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How to Be a Social Media Rock Star

Avoid These Six Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes

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These days, it is important for businesses to maintain an active social media presence if they want to be successful. Facebook is one of the leaders in social networking, making it the main focus for entrepreneurs as they start out in their online marketing strategies.

Many businesses don’t realize they are making some common mistakes when they start using Facebook. This can lead to ineffective marketing and a failure to get the results you need.

Here are six of the most common mistakes to avoid when implementing your Facebook marketing strategy.

Cover Photo Doesn’t Meet Guidelines

Your Facebook cover photo is great for getting the attention of users. Many business owners don’t realize, though, that there are guidelines that must be followed to avoid having your page shut down.

Your cover photos cannot contain:

• Pricing information.
• Your contact information.
• Facebook interface features like Share or Like.
• A Call to Action.

Fail to Follow Contest Guidelines

A Facebook contest is a good way to engage and interact with your followers. It can also get more attention from other users and draw them to your brand. But if you’re not following the guidelines set by Facebook for holding a contest, you run the risk of having your business page removed.

Those guidelines include:

• Do not use Facebook features (Like, Post, Comment, Share) as a basis for the contest.
• Do not use a third-party app or run contest on a separate tab.
• Do not state Facebook is connected to the contest in any way.

Your Prize Doesn’t Fit the Business

You always see businesses giving away hot prizes like iPads. While this can be a great way to get attention to your Facebook page and bring in a few more fans, these prizes tend to draw more of the people you don’t want.

You want to attract the fans who will engage with you on a regular basis and who are interested in what your company has to offer. A big-ticket item will draw more people who will only Like your page to get a contest entry and end their interaction there.
Instead, offer a prize that is related to your company and its products or services.

Not Using Visual Content

Picture and video posts get the most attention on social media sites. If you aren’t seeing much interaction from your fans with your posts, then you need to start including images with the post to capture their attention and get them to want to leave a comment, like and share.

You’re Not Posting at Your Peak Time

If your target audience is not online during the day, you will not see high levels of engagement with your posts if you are updating your page at 9 a.m. Check your metrics to see what time of day/week you see the highest interaction with your content and start timing your posts in that window.

Not Asking Engaging Questions

When you update your posts on Facebook, it is important to always ask your fans a question that will want to answer. Social media users love to share, so when you ask them something, they are ready to answer. Ask for their opinion on a new product or who their pick is for the Super Bowl this year.

Have you been making some (or all) of these mistakes with your Facebook page? What have you done to see better results through social media?

Dawn Pigoni of Be Social Worldwide is a certified social marketing specialist and a social media virtual assistant. Dawn offers superb social networking, social marketing and social bookmarking to WAHMs, Small Business Owners, Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, and Coaches who desire to bring stunning internet presence through social networking to their businesses. Get Dawn’s free report, Social Networking today & see how she can assist you with being Social Worldwide!

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Avoid These Six Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes

10 iPhone Apps That Can Help You When You’re Lost

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Few things are as nerve-wracking as realizing that you’re lost, whether you’re in a completely unfamiliar city or simply a neighborhood in your hometown that you don’t know very well. It wasn’t so long ago that you’d be left to fend for yourself, asking strangers for directions until you found your way back to a place that you knew. These days, however, the popular iPhone coupled with the staggering selection of applications available in the App Store make it possible to find your way back home safely, without ever being forced to speak to someone you don’t know.

1. MapQuest – A recognizable name in navigation since the days of printing directions gleaned from the Internet onto actual paper, MapQuest’s service is simple, straight-forward and easy to use. As the number one provider of voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation that does not charge for its services, the free MapQuest app also checks live traffic as you travel and automatically redirects you in the event of a wrong turn.
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10 iPhone Apps That Can Help You When You’re Lost

Yahoo Acquires OnTheAir, Betting Big on Mobile

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Let’s take a quick step back in time to late October of this year. That’s when Mayer made her first acquisition since arriving at Yahoo. The purchased company, named Stamped, produced a recommendations app by the same name. James Niccolai, reporting on the story for CFO World, noted that the app was developed by former Google employees and had even received financial support from Google Ventures. Mayer visited Stamped shortly after the purchase and tweeted that she was happy to be reunited with Robby and his team. Stamped was an iPhone app that I like to think of as an external memory. It…

U.S., U.K. Victims of Swiss Spy Data Breach

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The United States and Britian have been warned by Swiss authorities that top-secret counter-terrorism data they shared with foreign governments has been stolen.

A senior IT technician for the NDB, Switzerland’s intelligence service, is suspected last summer of downloading terabytes of counter-terrorism information shared between the NDB, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and MI6, Reuters reported Dec. 4.

It is believed the material downloaded from the Swiss intelligence service’s servers could comprise millions of printed pages of classified material. It is also believed the information was downloaded onto portable hard drives and then carried out of the government building in a backpack. Authorities believe the technician planned to sell the data to “foreign officials and commercial buyers.”

Although the authorities believe they arrested the suspect and seized the information before it was sold, they are not certain. The suspect has since been released pending a criminal investigation by the office of Switzerland’s Federal Attorney General, sources told Reuters.

Investigators suspect the technician was miffed because he believed his advice on operating the data systems was not being taken seriously, sources said.

The suspect was described as a “very talented” technician with “administrator rights,” which means he had unlimited access to most or all of the NDB’s networks, a source close to the investigation told Reuters.

The source also revealed that the authorities believe the suspect displayed classic warning signs that should have been recognized by his bosses or security officials. In fact, according to Reuters’ report, the man became so fed up earlier this year, he neglected to come to work.

Swiss news reports, however, indicated the NDB did not notice anything was wrong until a Swiss bank reported a questionable attempt to set up a numbered bank account, which then was traced to the NDB technician.

Reuters indicated a Swiss parliamentary committee is now conducting its own investigation into the occurrence. A report is expected next spring.

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U.S., U.K. Victims of Swiss Spy Data Breach