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Would you like to see an IMMEDIATE increase in traffic to your web site of up   to 10 TIMES or MORE?

South Bay Internet Solutions
Specializing in Web Site Promotion

Is your web site not getting enough traffic? South Bay Internet Solutions can help. You can have the greatest looking web site, with a good product or service, however if no one knows about it, your internet success will be fruitless. In addition to having your web site, you want to make sure that people come to visit and purchase your product or services. We specialize in promoting your web site so that you will receive the maximum amount of traffic, clients,and sales! South Bay Internet Solutions is the answer! World Wide Web Directory and Search Engine Listing Service We will submit your Web site for listing to the TOP 350 directories and search engines. In order to receive lots of traffic you need to promote your web site in as many places as possible. You should take advantage of EVERY search engine and directory as possible to maximize traffic to your web site. There are currently hundreds of different FREE places to list your site, with more coming online everyday.

Our service will provide a direct link to your home page from these directories and search engines. Our automated submission system is the best available, and in most cases we can have your web site submitted in less than a week. No other company can match our experience and price. It costs you time, money or both to design your web site, now let South Bay Internet Solutions help you to promote it. South Bay Internet Solutions`s goal is your goal, and that is to bring as many potential customers and visitors to your web site as possible. No traffic, no sales! It is really quite simple. Just because you have a web site does not mean that people will know about it. You have probably found that out by now. The more places that you list your site means more sales.

IF PEOPLE CANNOT FIND YOU, THEY CANNOT BUY FROM YOU Let`s say, for example, that your company sells baseball cards.You want everyone that is interested in baseball cards on the internet to know about your site. When this person logs on to the internet to find baseball card related sites, he or she will usually go to one of the search engines or directories on our list. Your web site should come come up whenever someone searches for your type of business. Whenever someone wants to find something on the internet they go to the search engines or directories. It is the easiest way to your web site! If your site is not on that list, they don`t visit! The more links that exist to your Web-site, the more people will visit. The people that visit your site will most likely return again, and tell others as well. If your site is a popular one it is a good chance that these people will suggest it to be linked on other sites in the “Hot Links” or “Cool Sites” section. You should see an immediate increase in “hits” to your site almost immediately after enlisting our services .

THE LEAST EXPENSIVE WEB-SITE PROMOTION We are the most effective web site promotion company on the net, without sacrificing quality and service. No other company can match our success, PERIOD! We charge a one time fee and our minimum service is for at least 350 search engines and directories. When you are on these directories, you`re there forever (or until you move your site). If you look at other ways to promote your site, we are quite sure that you will agree that there is no comparison. WHAT DOES THIS COST?? If you want to increase traffic to your web site you MUST be listed on the TOP search engines and directories. You will not find a quicker and easier way to build traffic to your site. Once you are on these directories, you`ll see an increase in traffic that you have always dreamed of. If you are really serious about getting the maximum exposure for your web site, our SUPER DELUXE service covers a minimum of 350 directories and search engines for only $199.95, plus on going promotion for 6 months. We will constantly submit your web site to every new directory and search engine that we become aware of, with no less than 15-20 new submissions per month. We will email you each month with the sites that we submit your web site to. You will also receive regular search engine ranking and submission reports. These reports will specifically detail exactly where you are listed and ranking within those particular search engines and directories.

DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! That’s right. If after six months of utilizing our web site promotion services you are not 100% completely satisfied for ANY reason whatsoever, we will gladly refund DOUBLE your money back of your subscription price. No other company can or will offer such a guarantee other than South Bay Internet Solutions. We have had this same guarantee for seven years running without having to honor it once. Why? Because our service WORKS! We will submit your web site to every directory and search engine on our lists. Of course, South Bay Internet Solutions can not guarantee inclusion into any directory/search engine as every site has their own criteria for being listed in their directories, however we currently have over 90% of our submittals listed. If you’re serious about getting people to your web site then you will definitely want to utilize our services. If you are already listed on some of the directories on our lists that is alright. Many of the more popular directories receive hundreds of requests per week and by submitting your site again will place you higher up in the listings. Some sites allow only one submittal per web site and in this case we will substitute another directory in it’s place. RECEIVE MORE TRAFFIC BY NEXT WEEK! By getting started right now, you’ll increase the traffic almost immediately.

There are 5,000-10,000 new people logging onto the Internet EVERY WEEK! The first thing these new ‘net surfers are going to do is try to find the subjects that interest them. Hopefully they will find you and NOT your competitor. RIDE THE INTERNET WAVE INTO UNBELIEVABLE PROFITS NOW is the time to act. Many of these directories are free, and as they become more popular they will begin to charge for listings as many have done already. Some have so many requests that they are backed up for several weeks, so NOW is the time to act, the World Wide Web is GROWING EVERYDAY!! After completing and submitting the web site information form we will get to work immediately and you should start seeing an increase in traffic to your site within the week. We also have a handy on-line order payment system for your convenience. If you are asking yourself, “why can’t I do this myself?” you are absolutely right, you CAN do it yourself. However, if you are like most business people, your time is VALUABLE and you may say that you will do it yourself, but you most likely will never get around to it. Let South Bay Internet Solutions help you. With our DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GURANTEE, you have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Get started TODAY!

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